Online Week 5: April 27th – May 1st

This week will be a “catch-up” week in Civics.  So far you should have completed a total of 4 assignments.  Please use this week to complete all past due assignments. You can check vportal/gradebook to see if you have any missing, they will be marked with an M. The four assignments you should have completed during online learning so far are:

Week #1 James Bond in a Honda Case Study

Week #2 Exploring Political Parties

Week #3 U.S. Political Parties

Week #4 Island Project


If you have completed all 4 assignments due so far, please play “Do I Have a Right” on iCivics at  Remember, if you score a perfect 5000 you will be added to the 5000 club and win access to the 5000 club luncheon, which I will be hosting when we return to school!  If you are already a member of the 5000 club, you may choose to play a different game on iCivics if you prefer.


Your formative assignment grade this week will be for communicating with me that you have checked gradebook and understand what you have to work on in order to make-up any past due assignments. To get this grade please EMAIL OR REMIND MESSAGE ME that you have checked gradebook and which missing assignments you will be working on throughout the week.  If you have no missing assignments, please EMAIL OR REMIND MESSAGE ME and let me know how you did on your iCivics game(s) this week.


I hope you all have a fantastic week!