Online Info – Letter To Parents

Dear Parents,

     Let me start off by saying I miss your children terribly and cannot wait to get in touch with all of them over the next couple of weeks!  I wanted to send out some information on how I am hoping online learning will work for my class. 

     Your child will be required to complete one formative assignment per subject area each week to be graded. I will be sure to clearly outline in each day/week’s lessons the exact assignment your child will be expected to turn in to me each week.  You/they will then need to email me that completed assignment by 5:00pm each Friday. You or your child can send me completed work either by scanning it, taking a picture of it, or creating a video of it in order to earn credit, whichever is best for your family.

     As your safety and health is my number one concern, I have designed my lesson plans to be completed in a way that does not require you to print/pick up printed materials, unless you should wish to. I will request students complete some worksheets here and there, but they can use a plain piece of paper to write down their answers or create a video of them completing the activity verbally if you cannot print them.

     Also, I will be conducting live zoom chats throughout the week to answer questions in person and hold fun civics discussions. These video chats are not required and I will not address any new material during them, but I wanted a chance to connect with your child if possible.  

     I appreciate your continued support as we work through this together. As I navigate through online teaching, I hope to come up with better ways to teach your child. Please reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas and I hope you all have a fantastic day!


Warmest Regards,

Stacy Gregorski