Online Week 7: May 11th – May 15th

This Week’s Online Assignment

This week we are going to review our year in Civics by watching a movie!  You will choose a movie (or TV Series) from the attached list.  All movies listed have a theme based on something we have learned in Civics this year.  Movie ratings range from Not Rated (NR) to Restricted (R).  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENTS PERMISSION TO WATCH WHATEVER IT IS YOU CHOSE!  When you are done watching, please answer the questions on the last page and send them to Mrs. G when they are complete.

Click the following link for this week’s assignment: Civics Movie Viewing Review

This Week’s Packet Pick-up Assignment:

If you chose to pick up a workbook from school and would like to work in that as an alternative to the assignment listed above for this week, please complete ANY CHAPTER from the entire book that you would like to do as a review from the past year in Civics.