9th Unit – U.S. Foreign Policy (April)

TeacherStacy Gregorski
Subject AreaCivics
Grade Level7th Grade
Week #April
Unit of InstructionU.S. Foreign Policy
Standard(s) Taught

Curriculum Standards


***Differentiate concepts related to United States domestic and foreign policy.


***Recognize government and citizen participation in international organizations.


***Describe examples of how the United States has dealt with international conflicts.


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Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Identify the goals and objectives of U.S. domestic and foreign policy.
  • Recognize the role of the U.S. State Department in foreign affairs.
  • Analyze the domestic implications of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. 
  • Recognize that international organizations may be located in the United States.
  • Describe ways that citizens and government can seek participation in international organizations.
  • Examine the ways that government and individuals may support international organizations.
  • Identify the reasons for the United States becoming involved in past international conflicts.
  • Analyze primary source documents pertaining to international incidents to determine the course of action taken by the U.S.
  • Identify different methods used by the United States to deal with international conflicts.
Classroom Activities

Daily Bell Ringer – Students are required to record their answers for daily critical thinking questions in their bell ringer notebooks (either a spiral notebook kept in class or a section kept in a student’s binder).

Daily Instruction – Students are required to participate in daily instruction, which can include PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, think-pair-shares, real-world simulations, formative assignments, and note taking.

Assignments Due

Most work is done in class.  Although students do not receive separate assignments to be done at home, they are still expected to take home any incomplete classwork, as well as study for unit summatives.

Additional Resources

CIA World Factbook


Constitutional Rights Foundation Lessons


United Nations


iCivics Games