Q4, W5: April 26th – 30th Advanced Math

Focus 8 Geometry Assignment List

TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaAdvanced Math
Grade Level7th
Week #21
Unit of InstructionFocus 8: Geometry
Standard(s) Taught


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


Classroom Activities

Monday (Innovative and 3rd Period Students) 

Finish all Focus 8: Geometry Assignments

Tuesday (5th Period Students)

DIA 5 on SchoolCity (summative)

Wednesday (Innovative and 3rd Period Students)

DIA 5 Review on kahoot!

Wednesday (5th Period Students)

One i-Ready Online Assignment on vPortal

Thursday (Innovative and 3rd Period Students)

DIA 5 on SchoolCity (summative)

Friday (5th Period Students)

FSA Review

Assignments Due


DIA 5 on SchoolCity


All Focus 8: Geometry assignments are due by Friday, April 30th

Additional Resources

All Notes are uploaded into GradeBook (Focus).

All IEP accommodations are provided each class.