Q3, W5: February 4th – 7th

TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaIntensive Math
Grade Level6th
Week #23
Unit of InstructionFocus 6: Expressions
Standard(s) Taught


Write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers.

  1. Write expressions that record operations with numbers and with letters standing for numbers.
  2. Identify parts of an expression using mathematical terms (sum, term, product, factor,quotient, coefficient); view one or more parts of an expression as a single entity.
  3. Evaluate expressions at specific values of their variables.  Include expressions that arise from formulas used in real-world problems.  Perform arithmetic operations, including those involving whole-number exponents, in the conventional order when there are no parentheses to specify a particular order (Order of Operations).


Use variables to represent numbers and write expressions when solving a real-world or mathematical problem; understand that a variable can represent an unknown number, or, depending on the purpose at hand, any number in a specified set.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students are successful when they can…

  • evaluate numerical expressions containing exponents.
  • recognize that variables represent unknown quantities.
  • communicate in writing about translating and evaluating variable expressions using precise mathematical language, including the vocabulary variables, coefficients, constant, and term.
  • evaluate expressions for given values of variables using the order of operations when appropriate.
  • apply the properties of operations with expressions involving variables to generate equivalent expressions.
  • explore the concept of like terms and applying combining like terms in expressions accurately.
  • reason that two expressions are equivalent through the use of substitution.
  • use precise mathematical vocabulary when discussing expressions and variables.
  • develop expressions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division from real-world problems.
Classroom Activities

Tuesday, February 4th

  1. Bellringer
  2. Whole Group Instruction
  3. Small Group – 2 Rotations (30 minutes each)
    1. Ms. Sprague – ESE
      1. Rotation 1 – Ally, Leah, Roman, Austin
      2. Rotation 2 – Sophia, Karsyn, Lucas, Jason
    2. Algebraic Expressions Task Cards (Standards MAFS.6.EE.1.2 and MAFS.6.EE.2.6)
      1. Rotation 1 – Sophia, Karsyn, Lucas, Jasons
      2. Rotation 2 – Keira, Valeria, Payton, Soraya
    3. Technology – MathSpace
      1. Rotation 1 – Keira, Valeria, Payton, Soraya
      2. Rotation 2 – Ally, Leah, Roman, Austin
  4. Exit Ticket/ Review
Assignments Due




All Task Card activities and MathSpace assignments will be graded.

Additional Resources

All IEP accommodations will be provided for each class.