Quarter 2 Week 1 Innovation and Face to Face

Checklist for 6th grade by ELA Teacher

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Study Guide Motion and Force


TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject Areascience
Grade Level6
Week #Q2 Week 1
Unit of InstructionForce and Motion
Standard(s) Taught

Force and Motion Standards from Quarter 1 (Reviewed )

Introduction to Earth Science Standards (Continental Drift Theory) SC.6.E.6.2 (DOK Level 2)
Recognize that there are a variety of different landforms on Earth’s
surface such as coastlines, dunes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, deltas,
and lakes and relate these landforms as they apply to Florida.

Theory vs. Law  SC.6.N.3.2
Recognize and explain that a scientific law is a description of a specific
relationship under given conditions in the natural world. Thus, scientific
laws are different from societal laws.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will study and review all of the force and motion standards from quarter one

Students will differentiate between a theory and law regarding the continental drift theory

Students will prepare for the relief map project and identify what is required for the project

Classroom Activities

District Assessment 2 on Force and Motion
Students will be participate in a discussion about the Continental Drift Theory
Students will piece together Pangea in their own World Map
Students will be shown sample relief map projects and a rubric

Assignments Due

DIA 2 on Thursday and Friday (formative assignment)

Relief Map Project Due December 3/4

Additional Resources

ESE/504/ESOL Accomodations:

Students will be allowed multiple retakes for quizzes on Edgenuity. Students can have extended time on lessons and assignments. Students can have transcripts available to them and frequent breaks will be able to be taken.  Students can ask teacher to rephrase questions and extra help sessions are available twice weekly in addition to regular instruction.  In class students have the above provided plus preferential seating and reminders/encouragement when completing class work.