Quarter 2 Week 3 Face 2 Face and Innovation Lesson Science

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Relief Map Project Due 12/3  12/4

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Earth Structures Power Point

Earth Structures Innovation Updated 11/18

Landform Formative E.6.2

6.2 Formative




TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject Areascience
Grade Level6
Week #Q2 Week3
Unit of InstructionEarth Structures
Standard(s) Taught

SC.6.E.6.2 (DOK Level 2)
Recognize that there are a variety of different landforms on Earth’s
surface such as coastlines, dunes, rivers, mountains, glaciers, deltas,
and lakes and relate these landforms as they apply to Florida.

SC.6.E.6.1 (DOK Level 2)
Describe and give examples of ways in which Earth’s surface is built
up and torn down by physical and chemical weathering, erosion, and

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:
• identify there are different types of landforms found on Earth’s surface, including:
o Coastlines, Dunes, Rivers, Mountains, Glaciers, Deltas, Lakes
• differentiate landforms found in Florida (such as aquifers, caverns, and
sinkholes, etc.) from those found outside Florida (such as mountains, glaciers,
Students will:
• describe and cite examples of ways in which Earth’s surface is built up and
torn down by physical and chemical weathering, erosion, and deposition
• explain and differentiate the processes of physical weathering,
chemical weathering, erosion, and deposition
• use “systematic observations” to analyze changes in Earth’s surface
over time
• create a model to investigate ways to prevent the erosion of Florida’s landforms

Classroom Activities

Student will participate in a debate about hills and mountains in Florida
Students will conduct a lab on Florida’s aquifer and will discuss it’s importance
Students will watch a demo on glaciers and take home the “glacier”

Assignments Due

DIA 2 Retest is Due by Friday, November 20th Code is 6175

Formative on E.6.2 Due on Thursday/Friday

Relief Map Project Due on Dec 3rd/4th See below for instructions

Additional Resources

ESE/504/ESOL Accomodations:

Students will be allowed multiple retakes for quizzes on Edgenuity. Students can have extended time on lessons and assignments. Students can have transcripts available to them and frequent breaks will be able to be taken.  Students can ask teacher to rephrase questions and extra help sessions are available twice weekly in addition to regular instruction.  In class students have the above provided plus preferential seating and reminders/encouragement when completing class work.