Quarter 2 Week 6 Face 2 Face and Innovation Science

Checklist by ELA Teacher

6th grade schedule Forney 12.14.20

6th grade schedule Taylor 12.14.20

Lab Coat Activity (Innovation)

Lab Coat Activity


Earth Structures Study Guide

TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject Areascience
Grade Level6
Week #Q2 Week 6
Unit of InstructionEarth Structures
Standard(s) Taught

We will be reviewing the Earth Structures standards this week.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will be reviewing the Earth Structures Standards through a series of activities and review games

Classroom Activities

Students will review the DIA 3 (Earth Structures)

Students will participate in a review game using Gimkit (online game)

Students will participate in an Escape Room Style game

Assignments Due

The Retest on Earth Structures will be available on School City. The due date for completion is January 15th, 2021

Please check grade book to see if any assignments are missing.

Additional Resources

ESE/504/ESOL Accomodations:

Students will be allowed multiple retakes for quizzes on Edgenuity. Students can have extended time on lessons and assignments. Students can have transcripts available to them and frequent breaks will be able to be taken.  Students can ask teacher to rephrase questions and extra help sessions are available twice weekly in addition to regular instruction.  In class students have the above provided plus preferential seating and reminders/encouragement when completing class work.