Current Week: Q4W09: May 24 – May 28 Honors

4th Quarter Test Study Guide

TeacherDanielle Suhr
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th Grade Honors
Week #Q4W09: May 24 - May 28
Unit of InstructionEnd of Year Review
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Rules of Multiplication and Division of positive and negative integers:
+ x + = +
– x – = +
+ x – = –
– x + = –

Rules of addition and subtraction of positive and negative integers:
If signs are the same, keep the sign and add the numbers.
ex: -3-5 = -8 -2-7= -9

If signs are different, subtract the numbers and keep sign of largest absolute value number.

Absolute value is distance of a number from zero, therefore it is never a negative number.
absolute value of -5 = 5 absolute value of -10 = 10 absolute value of 3 = 3
ex: -9 + 11= 2 7 – 14= -7

Classroom Activities

Monday / Tuesday:
iReady – Complete diagnostic test or work on assigned lesson
Kahoot – Review for Wednesday Test
IXL – Complete any missing IXL assignments

Wednesday: Test (Last Test of the Year) – Not a Final EXAM covering all year, only the last test of the year for this class.

Topics Covered for this test have been covered during last two weeks:
Absolute Value
Coordinate Plane
Square Roots
Solving One and Two Step Equations

Assignments Due

Make sure IXL assignments from last week are all done and up to date:
7th Grade Tab:
I.1, I.2 & I.8

8th Grade Tab:
W.7 , W.8 & W.9

Additional Resources

Khan Academy videos – type any topic in search bar followed by Khan Academy to find an instructional video for additional support.

IXL – Provides support for any grade level math standard.

Math Nation – Provides additional support based on unit of study.

Edgenuity –