Q4W1 – Online Learning

Welcome to Mrs. Flowers’ 6th Grade Math Online Classroom

I will be using the platform Edmodo for all 6th grade math classes. Each student will go to www.edmodo.com and create a new account and password or they can create one account and join each teachers class with the teachers code. The class code for each class is below. I will post assignments and due dates in each class. Each week they will need to complete 30 minutes a day in IReady, completing teacher assigned first. When all teacher assigned have been completed, they can go to My Path (same as we did in school). IXL and/or Math Space assignments will be posted in each class on Edmodo with due dates. Students will also complete 1 hour of Prodigy per week. There are assignments in the game they will complete.

Most material being covered online will be a review of what we learned during the year. They are encouraged to use their interactive notebooks and binders from class.

Period 1: Pre-Algebra – z44cur

Period 2: Math – 2ijp5j

Period 4: Pre-Algebra – w6s5r9

Period 5: Math – w2gbcd

Period 7: Math – agu6ut

Period 8: Honors Math – b4qp7g


I will miss seeing everyone daily but will be available through Zoom, if you have any questions throughout this transition time. You can notify me though email, flowerss@ivyhawnschool.org or Remind app to set up times. Students can also ask me questions through Edmodo.


Resources to use during this online instructional period:






Mrs. Flowers