Q4 Ways to communicate during Online Distance Learning

Ways to communicate with Mrs. Frederick

Standard office hours: Mon – Fri 8am to 3pm

Outside of office hours: on an as needed basis

I will be available as much as I can during this Online Distance Learning.  I miss all of you terribly and look forward to seeing you on Zoom and when we are back in the classroom!

Email: frederickm@ivyhawnschool.org   and/or   mgfreder@volusia.k12.fl.us

Remind text: 1st and 5th period:  @3kead6

                        3rd and 7th period:  @h3724k

                        4th and 8th period:  @48hk4b

Edmodo: I emailed each student an invite link to join.  Click the link to join my class.  Next, go to www.edmodo.com and create an account.  This account will be used for my class, math, world history, and science.  When you create your account, use your school email address and date of birth for your password, just like your other school accounts. 

Class codes if needed:  Period 1/5  yupiix              Period 3/7  rgr5up             Period 4/8  qmikkm

Zoom:  If you need to speak with me right away, send me a Remind text.  I will reply that I have set up a video conference and have emailed you the link to join.  Then, open your email, click the Zoom link, and we can communicate through video.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?! There will be times I set up Zoom conferences to go over your work and check in to say, “Hello!”