Bell Work Week 2

Bell Work Week 2

TeacherNancy Morris
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th
Week #Bell Work Week 2
Unit of InstructionBell Work Week 2
Standard(s) Taught

Students will begin each day by practicing skills that will be used throughout the week.
Bell work is to get our brain thinking mathematically. Students should make an effort with each problem. Students can correct mistakes as the problems are gone over in class.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will be able to work on multi-digit multiplication. Students will be able to factor numbers and use the rules of divisibility. Students will be able to use prime factorization of numbers.

Classroom Activities

Each day as you enter class whether it is face to face or virtual we begin each day with bell work. You need to complete bell work on a separate piece of paper and it will get turned in or scanned to me each week for credit. I do not ask that you are perfect with the problems, but that you try all the problems. Each day of class we will go over the problems and work them out. If you struggled with them that is your time to work them out on your paper along with the class so that at the end of the week you have the work to show. I give about 3 to 4 problems per day, please don’t work ahead because while you work on these problems I am taking attendance for students and taking care of other things. I know that there was some difficulty seeing the board on our zoom call so here will be a place for the problems so that you are clearly able to see them.

Assignments Due

Bell work will be submitted on the last day of each week that I see or zoom with students. Students will scan a picture of the work and email it to me for credit.

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