Week 1- New Beginning

All about ME

Complete the all about me assignment and email it to me by Friday. Make it colorful and add a lot of detail so that I can get to know you. 

Zoom codes will be sent to your email some time this weekend.


TeacherNancy Morris
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th
Week #Aug. 31 - Sept. 4
Unit of InstructionBuilding a Community within the Math Classroom
Standard(s) Taught

We will focus on review skills for multiplication and division.

Building a Community within the Math Classroom:
Review Basic Multiplication and Division Facts
 Understanding the relationship between multiplication and
 Fact families
 Graphic organizer,
 Multiplication Chart,

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Build a community within the classroom.
Review skills from 4th quarter and reintroduce as appropriate to the sequence of instruction for the upcoming focus.

Classroom Activities

Monday:(1st – 4th) Tuesday: (5th – 8th)
Each day will begin with a bell ringer. The bell ringer is 3 to 4 questions for students to get students thinking about math. Questions are generally a review of previous lessons.
Group discussion of policy and daily procedures. Students will be made aware of the daily expectation.
Students will be given the “All About Me” assignment to complete.

Wednesday: all classes
Students will begin with bell ringer. Multi-digit multiplication problems.
Review daily procedures. Computer orientation and discussion. Students will use technology to begin taking the iReady math assessment. 

Thursday: (1st – 4th) Friday: (5th – 8th)
Bell Ringer
Students will  finish taking the iReady diagnostic assessment. This is a standards based test to determine student strengths in various math areas that are covered in 6th grade math. This is a computer based test for all students. The iREady is given three times each year, the first time students take the test it is only diagnostic.

Assignments Due

Students will turn in the “All About Me” paper with their unique information by the end of the week (Thursday for 1st – 4th) and (Friday for 5th – 8th). Formative assignment.
All students will need to have returned their student information sheets and any documentation that has been required.

Additional Resources