Q3W03: Feb 8 – Feb 12 – Honors

Graphing Points on the Coordinate Plane Practice

Coordinate Graphing Quad and reading op PPT

Coordinate Graphing Quadrants and Reading Ordered Pairs Practice

TeacherIvette Pujol
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th Grade Honors
Week #Q3W03: Feb 8 - Feb 12
Unit of InstructionGeometry Unit
Standard(s) Taught

Geometry Part 1


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

MAFS.6.G.1.3: Draw polygons in the coordinate plane given coordinates for the vertices; use coordinates to find the length of a side joining points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.

MAFS.6.G.1.1: Find area of right triangles, other triangles, special quadrilaterals, and polygons by composing into rectangles or decomposing into triangles and other shapes;

MAFS.6.G.1.2: Find the volume of a right rectangular prism with fractional edge lengths by packing it with unit cubes of the appropriate unit fraction edge lengths, and show that the volume is the same as would be found by multiplying the edge lengths of the prism.

MAFS.6.G.1.4: Represent three-dimensional figures using nets made up of rectangles and triangles, and use the nets to find the surface area of these figures.

MAFS.7.G.2.6: Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area, volume, and surface area of two- and three-dimensional objects composed of triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, cubes, and right prisms.

MAFS.8.G.3.9: Know the formulas for the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres and use them to solve real-world and mathematical problems.

MAFS.6.RP.1.3e: Use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world and mathematical problems, e.g., by reasoning about tables of equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations.

MAFS.7.G.2.4: Know the formulas for the area and circumference of a circle and solve problems; give an informal derivation of the relationship between the circumference and area of a circle.

Classroom Activities

NEXT DIA 4 on Wednesday, February 24: Geometry Unit

Coordinate Graphing Quadrant & Reading Ordered Pairs Notes and Practice

Coordinate Plane Plotting Points Notes and Practice

Perimeter / Area of Polygons: Squares, Quadrilaterals and Triangles

Continue Practice from Monday

Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Assignments Due

IXL to 80% Mastery
X.1, 2, 3 & 7 – Due by wed. 2/10
CC. 8 – Due by wed. 2/10

Additional Resources

Khan Academy videos – type any topic in search bar followed by Khan Academy to find an instructional video for additional support.

IXL – Provides support for any grade level math standard.

Math Nation – Provides additional support based on unit of study.

Edgenuity – https://www.edgenuity.com/