TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject AreaScience
Grade Level6th
Week #Q3W9
Unit of InstructionCells
Standard(s) Taught

SC.6.L.14.4  Compare and contrast the structure and function of major organelles of plant and animal cells, including cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, chloroplasts, mitochondria, and vacuoles.

SC.6.N.3.4  Identify the role of models in the context of the sixth grade science benchmarks


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will:

• compare and contrast the structure and function of major organelles found in plant and animal cells, including:

 cell wall

 cell membrane






• use models of plant and animal cells to analyze the similarities and differences in the structures found in each cell

• evaluate the benefits and limitations of different types of cellular models

Classroom Activities

Students will view Animal Cells and Tissue using microscopes to help them identify the organelles in animal cells/tissue.

Students will receive a study guide on the organelles of the cell to practice for the DIA 6

Student will be assessed on Animal and Plant Cells, Cell Theory, and Homeostasis using the DIA 6.

Assignments Due

Study for the DIA 6 on 3/5 or 3/6.  A study guide was sent home on 3/2 & 3/3 for organelles.

Girls In Aviation  essays are due on 3/2   Signed slips for the 3/26 trip are  and lunch choices are due by 3/6.


Additional Resources




ESE/ 504/ ESOL : Extra time and small group will be available for assignments. Scaffolding of the material and reading content based questions will be used. Copies of the power point will be made available for note-taking purposes. Content material will be read aloud to students if applicable.