Q4 Week 1 of Digital Learning

ESE/ 504/ ESOL : Extra time and small group will be available for assignments. Scaffolding of the material and reading content based questions will be used. Copies of the power point will be made available for note-taking purposes. Extra time will be given to those students needing.requiring it for assignments/quizzes/tests.

TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject AreaScience
Grade Level6
Week #Q4W1D.L.
Unit of InstructionHuman Body Systems
Standard(s) Taught

*Digital Resources are Now Available*

SC.6.L.14.5 (DOS Level 3) Identify and investigate the general functions of the major systems of the human body (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, excretory, immune, nervous, and musculo-skeletal) and describe ways these systems interact with each other to maintain homeostasis.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will: • identify the major systems of the human body, including:








Musculoskeletal (NOT muscular and skeletal separately)

• describe the general functions of the major systems of the human body • describe ways that the major systems of the human body interact to maintain homeostasis, such as: 

maintain constant temperature – i.e. sweating while running

response to stimuli – i.e. pull back after touching a hot surface

Classroom Activities

Dear students,

As you know, these are unique times we are living in. I miss seeing your faces and talking science with each and every one of you. I am hoping we can re-connect online using Edmodo to share ideas and chat about how everything is going with you and your family.  

Our class will be moving to digital learning beginning 3/30/20.  Paper packets will be distributed to those who need them each Monday beginning 3/30/20.  To access digital materials, please have sign in using the Edmodo code below:  I am available for office hours each day via remind or email:   robertsont@ivyhawnschool.org. You can also message me on Edmodo!

Here is the class remind code:  https://www.remind.com/join/6ka4h7

To create an Emodo account, go to edmodo.com and sign up using the following code by class period. You do not have to give an email, but you can use the vportal address if you’d like. Parents can use the same code so that they can see what is actively going on in science class.

2nd period   m38ppt                                            5th period     xg43yr

3rd period   zwp78h  (this code has been changed)   7th period     gd5x2d

4th period  nrk9yb                                                8th period     5ij8cq

I’m looking forward to seeing you online on 3/30/20 for our first class,

Scientifically yours,

Mrs. Robertson

Assignments Due

Digital assignments for the first week ( Monday-Friday) are now posted on Edmodo. You can access these by using the class code.

Paper based assignments will be available for pickup on 3/30/20 at Ivy Hawn from 8-noon. Please read the cover letter for a suggested daily schedule (1 hour each day).

Digital Assignment Schedule:

Monday:  Read assigned texts and view videos

Tuesday:  Read assigned texts, take quiz (for a grade in gradebook), view videos

Wednesday:  lab day:  Meet on Zoom for a lab and lecture. The Zoom instructions and code will be posted by Tuesday.

Thursday:  Read assign texts, view videos.

Friday: Read assign texts, view videos, take quiz for a grade in grade book to be combined with Tuesday’s assignment. The quiz will be posted later in the week.




Additional Resources

Digital Resources Available: