Quarter 4 Week 2 of Digital Learning

ESE/ 504/ ESOL : Extra time and small group will be available for assignments. Scaffolding of the material and reading content based questions will be used. Copies of the power point will be made available for note-taking purposes. Extra time will be given to those students needing.requiring it for assignments/quizzes/tests.

TeacherTerri Robertson
Subject Areascience
Grade Level6
Week #Q4W2
Unit of InstructionHuman Body Systems
Standard(s) Taught

SC.6.L.14.5 (DOS Level 3) Identify and investigate the general functions of the major systems of the human body (digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, excretory, immune, nervous, and musculoskeletal) and describe ways these systems interact with each other to maintain homeostasis.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will: • identify the major systems of the human body, including:

o Digestive

o Respiratory

o Circulatory

o Reproductive

o Excretory

o Immune

o Nervous

o Musculoskeletal (NOT muscular and skeletal separately)

• describe the general functions of the major systems of the human body • describe ways that the major systems of the human body interact to maintain homeostasis, such as: o maintain constant temperature – i.e. sweating while running o response to stimuli – i.e. pull back after touching a hot surface

Classroom Activities

*Digital Links are Found Below*

Students will read texts about the Digestive and Excretory Systems.

Students will watch 4 videos that explain how the Digestive and Excretory systems function

Students will describe the path that food travels to the Digestive System and what occurs once food gets there.

Students will create a story about how a piece of pizza travels through the Digestive System and the Excretory System.

Assignments Due

Dear students, parents , and guardians;

Due to an error at the copy center, the uploaded the texts required for paper-based assignments were not printed. I apologize for the inconvenience. Digestive Text   

Welcome to week 2 of digital/paper based learning. This week we are moving from the Circulatory/Respiratory System to the Digestive and Excretory System. If you’d like to join Edmodo , the class codes are listed under week 1 of digital learning. Also you can post questions to our class Remind code is  6ka4h7  or email me at robertsont@ivyhawnschool.org.  Below are the assignments for the week of 4/6/20:

Monday: Read 3 texts about digestion and watch 2 of the videos (E-learning) or 4 of the QR codes.  E-learners submit a paragraph about what you have learned about the digestive system.

Tuesday:  Read 3 texts about digestion and watch 2 of the videos (E-learning) or 4 of the QR codes (paper based). Submit the Journey of the Hamburger Assignment.  

Wednesday:  E-learners will watch the recorded lab and lecture and view the powerpoint.  All learners will work on the lab for the day called Starch and Spit Lab. Please do steps 1 and 2. Step 3 is optional and only applies if you already have iodine to check for starch.  E-learners upload a picture of yourself doing any part of the lab.  

Thursday: Read the texts on the Excretory System.  Paper based learners will fill out the graphic organizer. E-learners will create their own graphic organizer and send the picture to Mrs. Robertson through Edmodo.  

Friday:  Work on a Pizza Bite’s Journey assignment. This will be graded and placed into the grade book (20 points).  

Additional Resources

Digital Resources: