Q1 W1: 8/12-8/16


Lesson Plans Week of 8/12/2019 – 8/16/2019

Krista Simmons

6th ELA/Reading

LAFS.6.W.1.2, 2.4, & 3.7   SL.1.1     L.1.1      L.1.2      L.2.3


Monday, 8/12        

Introduction & Welcome

Classroom Rules/Procedures & School Policies

Grading Policies & Curriculum

 Student Information Index Card


Tuesday, 8/13        

Review & Model Procedures/Rules

Bellwork: Freewrite “Summer Vacation”

6th Grade Stats Packet


Wednesday, 8/15 

Bellwork: “Wordy Wednesday” word of the day with Frayer’s Model

Review Classroom Rules/Procedures

6th Grade Stats Packet

Silent Reading 


Thursday, 8/16 

Bellwork:  “Think About it Thursday” quote analysis     

Complete 6th Grade Stats Packet

“School” acrostic poem


Friday, 8/17            

Bellwork: “Fix it Friday” Intro to Ten-Minute Grammar

Create tabs for binders

“one-pager” character page

“First Chapter” Friday read-alouds