Q1 W2 August 19-23

This video is a great resource for students to understand the differences between primary and secondary sources. Please check it out ūüôā¬†

TeacherKristen Smith
Subject AreaWorld History
Grade Level6th
Week #August 19-23 2019
Unit of InstructionGeography & Research Literacy
Standard(s) Taught

SS.6.W.1.1 Use timelines to identify chronological order of historical events.

SS.6.W.1.2 Identify Terms (Decade, Century, Epoch, Era, Millennium, BC/BCE, AD/CE and designation of time periods.

SS.6.W.1.3 Interpret Primary and Secondary Sources

SS.6.1.5 Describe the roles of historians and recognize varying historical interpretations.

SS.6.G.1.1- Use latitude and longitude coordinates to understand the relationship between people and places on the Earth.

SS.6.G.1.2- Analyze the purposes of map projections (political, physical, special purpose) and explain the applications of various types of maps. 


Use scale, cardinal, and intermediate directions, and estimation of distances between places on current and ancient maps of the world.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Student Goals:

1) To be able to have an understanding of what a timeline is and to identify historical events that are in chronological order. 

2)Identify vocabulary terms

3)Understand what a primary and secondary source is

4)Be able to describe the roles of historians.

Classroom Activities

Students will be working in their spiral notebooks (purple response journals) you can see their bell ringer responses and important vocabulary words in this notebook. Students must keep this notebook in their backpacks all the time, as they will need it for my class everyday. This will also help for students to review key vocabulary words at home. 

  • This week we will be creating Interactive notebook in our response journals. Discussing Maps vs. Globes, Hemispheres, Types of Maps and Parts of a Map. Students will need to look this over for their future assessment.¬†
Assignments Due

Interactive Notebook- Mapping and Geography 

Additional Resources

ALL IEP and ESOL accommodations will be provided daily.

When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the absent files in class and copy notes from a peer.  Students will have the number of days absent to complete missing work.  If you need any assignments emailed, please contact me at smithk@ivyhawnschool.org. 

Please check remind for weekly updates @6hisivhawn