W1,Q1 – 08/31/2020, Innovative Adv ELA

TeacherHaley Taylor
Subject AreaELA/Reading
Grade Level6th
Week #08/31/2020
Unit of InstructionFirst Days
Standard(s) Taught
  • LAFS.6.RL.1.2
  • LAFS.6.RL.1.3
  • LAFS.6.RL.2.4
  • LAFS.6.RL.4.10
  • LAFS.6.W.3.9.a
  • LAFS.6.W.1.3
  • LAFS.6.W.4.10
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Identify the theme or central idea of a short story
  • Analyze how a character changes as the plot unfolds
  • Cite evidence to support a theme
  • Introduce a topic and organize ideas in writing
  • Write a narrative describing personal experiences
Classroom Activities

Zoom Sessions

All students must login to Zoom at the beginning of class.

Edgenuity Lessons

  • Heart of a Samurai: Word Choice
  • Heart of a Samurai: Characterization
  • iReady Diagnostic
  • MyPath Diagnostic
  • Personal Narrative Writing (Live)
Assignments Due

iReady Diagnostic

MyPath Diagnostic

Edgenuity Quizzes (2)

Personal Narrative

Additional Resources
  • Edgenuity
  • Zoom Meeting
  • ELA Zoom Meeting Information: You MUST sign in using your first and last name. Zoom links and codes are sent through email and Remind.