W1,Q2 – 11/02/20

TeacherHaley Taylor
Subject AreaELA/Reading
Grade Level6th
Week #1
Unit of InstructionCurriculum Focus: Argument Text
Standard(s) Taught

LAFS.6.RI.3.8: Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, distinguishing claims that are supported by reasons and evidence from claims that are not.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Learning Target

Students will trace an argument and specific claims in a text. (RI.3.8)

Students will evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text. (RI.3.8)

Learning Criteria

Students will:

Trace or evaluate the argument or claims in a section of the text and/or throughout their research
Distinguish arguments or claims that are supported with evidence from those that are not.

Classroom Activities
  • Close read/analyze & incorporate Text Marking Strategies “Racing Alaska’s Historic Iditarod Trail” and other articles
  • Analyzing argument writing skills:
    • break down the prompt
    • read and take notes
    • draft an outline and make connections
    • add a controlling idea and revise the outline
Assignments Due

All assignments incorporating the listed writing skills are due by November 6

Additional Resources

Extension Activity

Compose a list of argument speech topics


ESE – Special Considerations based on IEP

504– Special Considerations based on Accommodation Plan

ESOL – Appropriate printed material, pre teaching activities, various instructional approaches, student engagement and thinking activities, differentiation, check for content comprehension, resources for assistance, reinforce study skills, linguistic modifications, specific vocabulary, alternative assessment.