W5,Q2 – 11/15/2021

TeacherHaley Taylor
Subject AreaELA/Journalism
Grade Level6th
Week #5
Unit of InstructionCurriculum Focus: Informational Writing
Standard(s) Taught

ELA.6.C.1.4 – Write expository texts to explain and/or analyze information from multiple sources, using a logical organizational structure, relevant elaboration, and varied transitions.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Learning Target

Students will read and analyze informational texts.

Students will write an informational essay using evidence from the texts.

Learning Criteria

Students will:

  • Analyze a prompt
  • Create an informational essay outline
  • Write an informational essay answering the prompt with evidence and elaboration
Classroom Activities
  • “Leadership” Synthesis Paragraph
  • “Courage” Informational Essay
Assignments Due
  • “Leadership” Synthesis Paragraph
  • “Courage” Informational Essay
Additional Resources
  • Remind Codes

    • 1/5 Period: @db926k
    • 3/7 Period: @2b3k84
    • 4/8 Period: @28a8d4




    ESE – Special Considerations based on IEP

    504– Special Considerations based on Accommodation Plan

    ESOL – Appropriate printed material, pre-teaching activities, various instructional approaches, student engagement and thinking activities, differentiation, check for content comprehension, resources for assistance, reinforce study skills, linguistic modifications, specific vocabulary, alternative assessment.