Quarter 1 Week 1 August 31 – September 4

TeacherDanielle Suhr
Subject AreaELA/Reading
Grade Level6
Week #1
Unit of InstructionReading for key details, discussion, logic, comparisons, essay
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Monday – Introduce ourselves, classroom expectations, discussion, read two articles on Japanese School Lunches. Write 15 facts about Japanese School Lunches.

Tuesday – Classroom greetings, discussion. Read aloud facts about Japanese School Lunches. Watch the You Tube video: Japanese School Lunches: It’s not just about eating. Discuss facts about Japanese School Lunches. Assignment: Write a baseline 5-paragraph essay about Japanese School Lunches. Essay should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use good handwriting or type your essay. This is due on Friday. Dr. Forney will tell us how to send it to her.

Wednesday – Lesson on essay introductions and body paragraphs. Everyone needs an appropriate book to read by Monday, September 7. Dr. Forney must approve you book.                Dr. Rick Forney will do a demonstration of hand tools and the vocabulary that goes with hand tools.

Thursday – Main Idea, How to turn in essays to Dr. Forney, review vocabulary, 14 Vocabulary Words, Kimbanguist Orchestra (reading), Answers to Kimbanguist Orchestra, Kimbanguist Orchestra You Tube Video, Discussion

Friday – Quiz on important things we’ve learned this week, essays

Classroom Activities


1. lulled – calmed almost to sleep
2. femur – your largest leg bone
3. irradiated – to expose to gamma rays to kill germs
4. conduit – a tube or channel to transport something
5. spiraling – winding or turning in one direction
6. orientation – sharing information with newcomers
7. quarantine – a period of being isolated for a while
8. impress – to make someone feel admiration
9. household – family members who live together
10. dimmer – fainter, paler, darker
11. gauze – a thin white material used for wounds
12. texture – the feel or look of something’s surface
13. tango – a dramatic Latin ballroom dance
14. scrubs – soft clothing worn by doctors & nurses

Assignments Due
Additional Resources