May 18 – May 22 – THIS WEEK

This week is the iReady Diagnostic 3 for Reading. I want you to focus on the Diagnostic this week so this will be the only required assignment for you to complete. Make sure you read carefully, go back in the text to find your answers, and double check your work. Take your time and work hard to do your best. DO NOT RUSH! I will be monitoring how quickly you are working. If you rush through, I will reset the assessment and ask you to do it again. This will be the FINAL grade for Reading. The grade will be for completion of the assessment, not for the number of questions answered correctly. Remember, you will see questions and information that you have not learned yet. For these questions, you should use your strategies (look in the text, locate key words in the questions/answer choices, eliminate obviously wrong answers) to help you choose the answer that you think may be correct. Remember, this is your time to show everyone how much you have learned this year. You have worked so hard and I am incredibly proud of you!! : ) 

The iReady Diagnostic does not have to be completed in one session. Please work for 20-30 minutes and continue the next day.

Optional Assignments:

*IXL Recommendations or any strand that you feel you need a little extra practice on