Your Online Resources Log-In Information

Online Resources for Practice at Home

Brain Pop

I am excited to tell you that we have a new online resource to use. It’s called Brain Pop Jr. and it is super fun! To log-in, go to and click “Enter Code.” Our class code is: brush0937. After entering the code, you can create your account. Be sure to write down your username and password! Once you have created an account you will see the assignments that I have posted for you. Each assignment starts with a video and includes a variety of activities. This site has lessons on multiple subjects but we will use this primarily for science.


Prodigy is a really fun way to practice math skills while playing a game! This is an assignment that will be used for practice and is not required. IXL assignments will still be used for grades.

  • If you would like to play Prodigy, go to and select Play Prodigy
  • Click Sign Up
  • Type your name, last initial and create a password
  • Click Sign Up and then write your username and password down
  • Enter your class code.

-Mrs. GJ’s homeroom: 3ED83F

-Mrs. Casado’s homeroom: BDBF27

  • Click Next and follow the steps to create your wizard and start playing the game!

IXL– Math and Science

Students log in with their alpha code and birthday.




 I-Ready Math

Students log in to VPortal using alpha code and birthday. Students need to have 45 minutes of practice each week on I-ready math.



Students click sign in and log in with teacher email, name and pin. When students log in they do one lesson per day.


Teacher E-mail:

Name: John S

Pin: 1234

Students should have pin numbers.

Discovery Education

Students can log in using the same username and password that they use for IXL.

You will find some assignments that will extend what we have been learning in class about plants. Students can also watch interesting videos and do interactive activities.