Hurricane Makeup Days

Volusia County Schools received approval from the Florida Department of Education for a waiver of three of the five hurricane make up days that are required due to school closings during Hurricanes Hermine (1 day) and Matthew (4 days). State law allows school districts to waive up to three days with state approval, if certain criteria are met.

A waiver does not equal forgiveness, but rather allows the lost time to be made up by hours/minutes instead of full days (state law requires students to have a minimum of 900 hours of instructional time).  For Volusia, that means five early release days will revert to regular days: November 9, 16 and 30 and December 7 and 14.  For the two remaining days, one day was made up on Friday, October 21, and the final day will be made up on Monday, February 20.  

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