VCS World Language Festival

We are pleased to announce our student’s participation in the 2017 Volusia County World Language Festival this past weekend. Through Ms. Serrano’s guidance and continued dedication, our students were recognized in multiple categories:

Cultural Bookmark Category:

  • 1st place: Ryanne Ferriero
  • 3rd place: Lauren O’Daniel, Danielle Cushman, Ian York

Vocabulary Poster Category:

  • 1st place: Chelsea Wall

Cultural Meme Category:

  • 1st place: Caidan Young, Ethan Antolick
  • 2nd place: Sean Kelley

Global Awareness Tri-Fold Category

  • 1st place: Azariah Rodriguez, Emily Smith
  • 2nd place: Aimee Vergara, Savannah Upson, Luke Keeley

Cookbook Category

  • 1st place: Karene Chin, Sydney Costa
  • 2nd place: Kayla Spain, Amaya Lewicki, Grace VanTwyver
  • 3rd place: Christine Oba, Khyla Rivera, Madison Sullivan, Kylah Linan

Music Video Category

  • 1st place: Natalia Meretz
  • 2nd place: Anyelina Izzo, Stacey Andris, Maya Lagrosas, Caitlyn Strittmatter, Connor Pearl

We are so very proud! Congratulations to Ms. Serrano and her students!


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